Try It Out -- Chapter 10, Lesson 5

Numeric Response


Emily has 56 candles to place on her grandfather’s birthday cake. She has 7 equal rows. How many candles are in each row?



Shannon and John are collecting quarters to buy a baseball bat and gloves. Shannon has collected 140 quarters and John had collected 20 more than Javier. If they divided the quarters equally, how many would each of them have?

Ian has 93 CDs to place on 4 shelves.


How many CDs does he have on each shelf?



How many more CDs does he need to have an equal number on each shelf?

Angela has between 45 and 50 rose bushes to plant an array of 7 equal rows.


How many bushes are in each row?



How many bushes could there be if there was 1 left over?



Shanda has 52 seeds to plant in a container with 12 rows. How many more seeds does she need to have an equal number in each row?

Maureen makes 78 sandwiches for her picnic with 6 sandwiches on each plate.


How many plates will she need?



She invites 26 boy scouts to the picnic. How many sandwiches can each scout have?



If there are 6 sandwiches on each plate, how many scouts could share a plate equally?


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