Try It Out -- Chapter 5, Lesson 7

Numeric Response
Use the clock faces to help answer the questions. The first clock face show’s the time the train leaves the station. The second clock face shows the time the train will arrive.



What time does the train leave?



What time does the train arrive?



How long is the train ride in minutes?



If the train arrives 10 minutes early, how many hours would the train trip take?



How many minutes is 3 hours?



Leanne is playing croquet with her neighbours. They start the game at 5:10 and play for 55 minutes. Leanne must be home for supper by 6:30. What time will the game end?



How many more minutes could Leanne play before supper?



If the game went on to 6:20, how many minutes would the game take?



How many minutes would Leanne have to get home if the game went to 6:20?


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