Try It Out -- Chapter 6, Lesson 6: Solve Problems by Making Models

Numeric Response
Make or draw arrays to help solve each multiplication
or division problem.


A box holds 6 rows of bottles.
Each row holds 6 bottles.
How many bottles does the box hold?



Claudia gives some stickers to 4 friends.
Each friend gets 6 stickers.
How many stickers does she give to her friends altogether?



There are 28 cars for sale on the car lot.
The cars are in 7 rows.
How many cars are in each row?



1 out of every 7 cars is a convertible in the parking lot.
Out of 63 cars, how many are convertibles?



Jackson has 16 plants for his garden. 
How many more plants does he need to make
4 rows of 5 plants?


Multiple Choice


Suppose you have 50 blocks, and you want to make a square array.
What is the biggest square that you can make?
6 mc006-1.jpg 6     
7 mc006-2.jpg
8 mc006-3.jpg 8
5 mc006-4.jpg 10

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