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Integrating the Use of Technology

Math Sites to use with Students

Professional Development Sites

Mathematics Organizations

Cross-Curriculum Sites for Students


Integrating the Use of Technology

The Province of British Columbia, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) The Standards Guide - Response Draft explores expectations for student performance in work where information and communication technologies are integrated into teaching and learning.

The Province of Alberta's ICT curriculum specifies what students are expected to know and be able to do with respect to technology. It has a broad perspective on the nature of technology, how to use and apply a variety of technologies.
Alberta Education -

Alberta Education - Professional Development Teaching Technology across the Curriculum -

The Province of Manitoba's Technology as a Foundation Skill Area: A Journey Toward Information Technology Literacy aids curriculum developers, teachers, and administrators in understanding the role of information technology as a foundation skill area in classroom teaching, learning, and assessment.
Manitoba Education and Training -

Ontario Guide - Using Technology for Learning: A Planning Guide provides ideas, tools, and examples to teachers who are integrating technology into the classroom. It has a structured process for technology planning placing the emphasis on pedagogy rather than equipment -

Ontario Knowledge Network for Learning outlines strategic directions it believes are needed to ensure the province's future success in ICT-enhanced education -

Foundation for Atlantic Canada Technology Education Curriculum -

International Society for Technology in Education provides teacher preparation for using technology as a tool in the classroom. This is an excerpt -

Helpful suggestions and additional resources for integrating technology into the classroom -



Math Sites to use with Students

BBC School Revise Wise is an interactive site for math revision. It begins with an activity that introduces each topic, and asks questions to see how much is retained; a fact sheet explains each topic in more detail; and the test page assesses learning.

TIMMS - Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study is an interactive math challenge by grade level.


Math game show with Hypatia and Pythagoras provides a series of number, algebra, data handling, and shape, space and measurement games -

NCTM Math applets are ready-to-use interactive tools to create, describe and analyse patterns -

NCTM illuminations are resources including multimedia and Internet lesson plans, web resources, and interactive math applets to plan and implement math education in the classroom -

An assortment of interactive math problem solving and logic games -

Aunty Math has weekly challenges for people who love math -

Adventures in Mathematics e-magazine has a variety of math activities to extend math classroom learning or to try at home -


National Library of Virtual Manipulatives offers a larger selection of interactive math applets for number and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, data analysis and probability -

SketchMad is a support centre for users of the Geometer Sketchpad -

Appetizers and Lessons for Mathematics and Reason has study tips, guides to learning and teaching math, and an array of all things math - is a resource site for students, teachers and parents offering online math help for students, math resources for teachers, and parent teacher discussion form -

A+ Math provides interactive math problems to improve math skills -

Flashcards for Kids has interactive flash cards to improve math skills -

Fun Games for Kids is an interactive site of math games and quizzes for kids, and parents. It has a Quiz Lab for teachers that provides paperless quizzes,automatically grades them and e-mails the results -

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles provides over 150 math puzzles -

The Shodor Education Foundation's, Project Interactive provides exploration activities of math concepts -



Professional Development Sites

Internet Mathematics Search is a search engine for mathematics documentation -

Math Central provides an Internet resource for both math teachers and students with a resource room, teacher talk, enrichment activities, math quandaries and queries and a bulletin board -

Math Forum provides resources, materials, activities, person-to-person interactions, and educational products and services to enrich and support teaching -
Math Forum Technology and Mathematics Education:


ERIC's Math Education Resources is a database of mathematics educational resources -

Learning and Teaching Support Network has educational resources that support and enrich learning and teaching mathematics -

PowerPoint Instructional Aids provides dozens of math lessons in PowerPoint presentations-'s%20Math/monica.htm


Mathematics Organizations

Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group is a group of mathematicians and math educators who discuss mathematics issues -

Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences promotes research, education and training in cooperation with businesses -

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics -

Ontario Association for Mathematics Education is a professional organization for everyone interested in math in Ontario -

Ontario Mathematics Coordinators Association is a professional organization that supports the effective teaching and learning of mathematics in the K-12 classrooms in Ontario -


Cross-Curriculum Sites for Students

Index of Biographies of International Mathematicians from 500 BC to 1957 including more than 50 female mathematicians -

More women of math -

Chronology of Mathematicians -

History of Math by region -

Math Stories has over 7,000 NCTM compliant math word problems - This site has controlled access.

Building big explores what it takes to construct large structures including: bridges, domes, skyscrapers, dams and tunnels -

Music and Math looks at the values of notes -

Maya Math shows a number systems based on 20 digits -

Data Analysis is an online collaborative site that allows students to share information about water usage -

Math Careers is an index of career interviews - has links to sites for students who want a career in math -