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Web Quest

Chapter 7



This Web Quest continues with the theme of Poly Gon's math party, introduced in the Chapter 7 Chapter Task. Students have been asked to design an invitation for Poly's party that incorporates a variety of shapes. This Web Quest involves the downloading of a shareware program that will be used to design their invitations.


•  create an invitation that incorporates specific shapes
•  describe shapes using math vocabulary
•  download a design program to a computer


•  Because a program needs to be downloaded for this Web Quest, it is important to stress to students the need to follow all steps carefully.
•  This Web Quest could be done in individually or in pairs.



  1. Discuss with the class why we send invitations and what information you might include in them. Talk about some of the designs you often see in invitations.
  2. As a class, read the Introduction and Task sections of the Web Quest. Point out that they will be downloading a file to their computers and that you will go through this step together. Respond to any questions or concerns students may have about the Web Quest.
  3. Work through the following steps to download TUXPAINT. You may want to go through this procedure prior to class to ensure it will work and that you have all the necessary information to complete the task. Encourage students to predict the information needed to download a file. This will help build their computer skills.

    i. Go to: Tux Paint.

    ii. Pick which version to download. Ask students which one they would pick and why. Click on the correct version.

    iii. Click on the web address under tuxpaint windows installer.

    iv. Select a mirror. Ask students which one they think is the best choice. Have them explain their reasoning. Click on one of the choices under the title download.

    v. A screen ( File Download) will pop up on your screen. It will ask you if you should OPEN or SAVE the file to your computer. Ask students which choice they think is best. Click on your choice.

  4. vi. On the next screen (Tux Paint Setup: Licensing Agreement), click on I AGREE. Ask students what they think would happen if they did not click on this icon and why.

  5. Now that they have downloaded TUXPAINT, students are now ready to begin drawing. Give them some time to explore the program. Offer any tips to help them use it.
  6. While they are working, circulate amongst the students to see how they are interpreting and carrying out the activity.
  7. Have students print their designs.
  8. Have students describe the shapes they included in their invitations. They can record this information on My Invitation Work Sheet.
  9. As a wrap-up to this activity, you may have students describe their invitations to the class.



Tux Paint




My Invitation Work Sheet





Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Understanding of Concepts

•  demonstrates a superficial or inaccurate understanding of geometrical properties


•  demonstrates an incomplete but growing understanding of geometrical properties


•  demonstrates an appropriate understanding of most geometrical properties


•  demonstrates an in-depth understanding of most geometrical properties


Application of Procedures

•  makes major errors/omissions when constructing shapes

•  makes several errors/omissions when constructing shapes

•  makes few errors/omissions when constructing shapes

•  makes almost no errors when constructing shapes


•  uses very little math language to describe shapes

•  uses limited math language to describe shapes

•  uses sufficient math language to describe shapes/p>

•  uses math language clearly and precisely to describe shapes