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Web Quest

Chapter 14



This Web Quest continues with the quilt theme of the Chapter 14 Chapter Task. It is divided in three parts. It can be done individually or in pairs. In Part A, students will describe a pattern block they will choose from one of three websites. In Part B, students will exchange pattern block descriptions, and using these descriptions will find the described pattern block. In Part C, students will discover if they found the correct quilt and discuss how they could improve their descriptions, then make any necessary changes.


•  describe geometric patterns of a quilt block using mathematical language

•  identify a quilt block based on a mathematical description


•  Students may benefit from writing their description in a step-by-step format, including diagrams, such as the one shown in Unit 5. Have students place diagrams on a separate page from their quilt block description; in Part B the diagrams will not be used to find the quilt blocks.


  1. As a class, read the Introduction and the Task sections of the Student Page.
  2. In pairs or individually, have students look at the following web pages:

    Quilter's Haven

    Quilt Block Collection

  3. Quilt Pattern Blocks

  4. Remind students that someone will be trying to find out which block they chose, so they should try to be discreet about their choice. Have them print a copy of their chosen block.
  5. Have students write descriptions of their chosen pattern blocks. While students are working, observe individuals to see how they are carrying out the task.
  6. Have students exchange their quilt block descriptions. Remind students that they should give their partner a general idea of where to look on the web pages. Ask them to read the description. Using the Web sites from Part A of the Task, tell them to choose the quilt block that they think matches the description.
  7. Have students verify that they have found the correct quilt block to match its description. Encourage students to make suggestions on how the other student could improve his or her description.
  8. Give students time to make changes to their descriptions.
  9. Have students hand in their revised descriptions and the print-out of their quilt for evaluation.



Quilter's Haven
Quilt Block Collection
Quilt Pattern Blocks


paper for printing quilt block
paper for writing description
grid paper for drawing diagrams









Understanding of Concepts


•  demonstrates a superficial understanding of geometric   relationships

•  demonstrates a growing but still incomplete understanding of geometric   relationships

•  demonstrates an appropriate understanding of geometric   relationships

•  demonstrates an in-depth understanding of geometric   relationships



•  provides incomplete or inaccurate description

•  organization is limited and seriously impedes communication

•  uses very little   mathematical language

•  provides a partial description that exhibits some clarity and logical thought

•  organization is limited but does not seriously impede communication

•  uses some mathematical language correctly

•  provides a complete, clear and logical description

•  organization is sufficient to support communication

•  uses correct mathematical language

•  provides a thorough, clear   insightful description

•  organization is effective and aids communication

•  uses precise mathematical language